• Box culvert, Retaining wall, and Concrete Road & Pavement Road.
  • Indian standard codes [IRC, IRS, IS & SP Codes].
  • Multi Storey Building [G+5, G+10, G+11 & G+15].
  • Seismic & Wind Design.
  • IS 875 Part I, II, III, IS 456, IS 1893, SP 34 & IS 13920.
  • Apartment Building [G+2, G+3 & G+4].
  • Seismic & Wind Design [26’0” to 33’-0” column free span].
  • IS 875 Part I, II, III, IS 456, IS 1893, SP 34 & IS 13920.
  • Steel Building - [G+2, G+3 & G+4] [steel column, beam & deck sheet with concrete].
  • Steel factory building with 5 to 15 Tonne crane capacity.
  • Wind Load Design.
  • IS 875 Part I, II, III, IS 800, SP 6.

Interior Design

We are committed to provide originality in design, fitness for implementation, value for money, labor for workmanship and solutions that is commercially effective. Our aim is to give every project its own identity. Further, a consistent focus on quality and personalized services has largely contributed to our unprecedented success.

The company provides interior design and consultancy services and turnkey installations for various type of projects, including corporate and housing sectors. We make dreams come true through our creativity and innovation because we are curious and curiosity keep leading us down new paths.

Architectural Services

We believe that the ability to work with an Architect should be available to anyone looking to build their dream home. Therefore we offer a Full Architectural Services from our Big team of In-house Architects giving our client the ability to have an architect-designed home on a budget. Full Architectural Services right from the start of project conception, Drawings for Approval, 3D Views, working drawings, structural drawings, interior designs, home furnishing and decor supports, construction administration till handover.

Structural Design

We provide a variety of services including structural design and advice, structural strengthening methods, Site structural Inspection, and structural engineering reports across India.

Our structural engineers will be happy to attend site meetings and liaise with you and your team. With staff ranging from senior and chartered engineers to deal with more challenging matters to the more recently-qualified engineers for the simple small jobs to keep costs proportionate, SIC boasts over 30 + years’ experience in the industry and competitive rates, so you can be sure that we have the skill and expertise to help you with your project.

Project Consultant

By hiring an architect as your project manager, they can assist with the design process and ensure the finished project is both designed and built with minimal errors, as they will have a better understanding of these processes than anyone else involved. At their core, architects are problem solvers.

Building Construction

The top down construction method is one of the most effective ways of conducting deep excavations to build strong basements for superstructures. In this type of construction, a permanent structure is built from the top to bottom while excavating in levels towards the basement, as a retaining diaphragm wall provides support.The entire process saves a lot of valuable time and helps complete the project well within the deadlines. This type of construction method is ideal in building modern-day superstructures like skyscrapers with basement storage units and parking lots, underpasses for subways and stations for metro trains.